ze snake and ze fox

by ... more machine now than man,

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released February 19, 2013

deeep c - drums // rhymes
tyrone - bass
ianardo flemente - trombone
big mike - keys // guitar
billy d - vocals // keys // guitar



all rights reserved


... more machine now than man, Nebraska

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Track Name: yew
all eye wanna dew
is be here with yew
now that we are threw
all i want is yew
Track Name: even i
don't leave me here
cause i'll try and find
the things you've hidden

you've got the love
you've got the power
but you still don't understand
i try and leave
i try and cover
my wandering hands

even i don't trust me alone in your room

hold up, girl, lemme ask you
do you really love me?
i didn't think so
you know
it's time for someone new
but if i can't be
with anybody else tonight
then i guess this will have to do

and i know why
they say to stay away
all of the signs
will fade and disappear
if i can't fight it
each and every day
can i keep on tryin
to be anywhere but here?

no no no
no no no no no no no


yo its a blue moon
and you're due for your doom
cause deeep c chew through dudes
like scoops of fruit loops
smack packs of juicy fruit
groove to these looney tunes
that got these thirty two slu's
movin their bumps like goose
we're dubious as ludacris
booze-crusin, hangin louies
removin sticks
and i ain't tryna diss
but you fools with the jewels
look like tools that are cool with dicks
now move bitch
i'm too legit
do you but i'm go from booze to hits
and i can tell that you're new to this
but just relax as i move from boobs to clit


even i don't trust me alone in your room
Track Name: call me deeep c
when we come through town
everybody get down
cause you know we bring
that more machine sound
and when the bass drum pounds
get loud and don't doubt
this new shit that you found

and you can call me deeep c
i get real low like when my gmc speeds
i don't speak freaky deeky
dutch hall road is where you can meet me
and this is just my preheat
my free speech, you can take it or leave
doubtin that i'll ever see peace
so call me, beep me
if you wanna blow steam

cause i'm a ruthless as rufus
spillin barrels of rhymes and they're the crudest
by george like lucas
come on move to this new shit
and just loop this

you can call me deeep c

well it's the verbal herman munster
the word enhancer
so better yet monstar
the space jammer
parents wonder why i'm tryin to be a gangster
like why rap?
you really need an answer?
somethin like how the beats make me dance or
how i think you all need to just dance more
and show us how you get down on the dang floor
or maybe i just like to rhyme and tell you what i stand for
so make damn sure
that when you listen to this
you don't mistake me for a dude that really gives two shits
cause this is for kicks
always thought i'd observe
never be a participant
what it is
i'm cool like a dumb kid
on this drum kit
eatin fun dip and sunchips
while congress acts five hundred puppets
and shit where bums sit
til their seven trumpets
so bump this
Track Name: walk
not in the way you believe
not in the way you could see
somethin about you i need
to find out just who i should be

but if you only knew
what i could do
you'd walk right away from me

all of the lyin awake
all of the dyin to say
all of the hidin away
all of the night in the day

but if you only knew
what i could do
you'd walk right away from me
Track Name: charlotte
the universe
calls your name
and i
will do the same

but if i never go
how will i ever know
that i can find my way back home?

where have you been hiding
that i don't wanna be?
what have you been writing
that i don't wanna see?


what up chumps?
it's ya dude deeep c
the fiend of mean beats
you can't defeat me
even with the dream team
on nba street
it's deemed as hard as findin
real music on mtv

now contrary to popular belief
i'm not tryna be a g, shit
i'd rather be the bee gees
but here's my theses:
as a species
we treat each other like feces
not equally

so freeze me til the powers with the peeps and
the geeks with the reason
the clean freaks like me damn
and what you believe in
doesn't mean a thing man
drinkin green tea all seasons til we're peacin
like d.r.e. i'm peepin and i'm creepin
spittin bits of jim beam seeds
and wheat thins
girl, you try to touch me like the deep end
i got a tee time with the devil but i'll sleep in
Track Name: anxious
when i sit all alone at night
think of you and i get a fright so i
brave the dark and i seek the light
of your window

all around shadows closing in
go stop then i start again
blah blah this could be the end
all that we know

you got me so anxious
and now i feel reckless
you know i can't take this

oh my my my
i'm feelin flne
my money's gone
and i'm all alone

oh my my my
i'm feelin fine
oh what a day
what a day

then all at once
everything changes
here comes the sun
i wonder where the rain is

you got me so anxious
and now i feel restless
you know i can't take this
Track Name: deeep c reeeprise
and you can call me deeep c
got appointments for the hunnys
open day or nightly
and all their boyfriends wanna do is fight me
just because i'm open all the time
like a hy-vee

with the deep v on
bumpin doc dre songs
can your dude go long?
can your dude go strong?
didn't think so
here's a tip though
run to the store
grab a swisher for ya indo
split it up
twist it up
share it with a friend-o
and if he do it right
you don't ever want it to end, oh
i wish i could hold a hand and give a hug
but i'm a mean one givin out the rug burns
when she yearns for somethin new
show you what the demon and the devil in me wanna do
but not tonight
i gotta keep slingin
the rhymes that i'm bringin
for hunnys that be ringin
and all you other ladies if your man don't care
call one eight thousand deeep c
and i'll be there
Track Name: give up // get down
you say
in a way
i never wanna see you again
if i go
will you know
how very far i have been?
why leave
if you need
a way out?
hold up
wait a minute
cause there's something
going wrong
you and i shouldn't be here
left alone this long

nobody needs to know
where we will be
give up on everyone
get down with me

now i told you once
that i don't fuck around
especially when it comes
to how i get down
you better tell your man
that when i come to town
there's only one king
and he don't need a crown
now i told you twice
that i can fucking see
the things you do to them
and that you try to me
you better let it go
and let the people be
cause i got everything
that you could ever need, baby

hold up
wait a minute
cause there's something
going wrong
you and i shouldn't be here
left alone this long

nobody needs to know
where we will be
give up on everyone
get down with me
Track Name: mygreyn
please tell me that's not what i think it is

cut me open and leave me here
just cut me open and leave
Track Name: obvious
yo yo what up?
hey girl whats up?
you're pretty cool like mike and chuck
to be blunt
we're rollin up
deeep c and the machine
so you know what's up
so think happy thoughts
like you're sippin on a bottle of patronus
cornelius fudge with us
get buck
and eat cocoa puffs and organic
first thing in the morning
nah really
figurin out what type of products
these reactants are forming
yawnin noddin off thinkin bout
how i'd rather be on stage performing
but i'm only nineteen
optimizing my prime

so solo like han
when i order a cup
of obi-wan ton soup
a table for one
like steven glansberg
while i eat my food
lookin out for a real chick
in and out
gotta be a natural beaut
can take it and dish it
funny too and probably
pose for karmaloop
but at the moment dude
i feel obligated to get my college degree
cause knowledge is key
in a land that stands behind a wall of deceit
anne frank-ly, i wish i was a renegade
rage against the machine
but it's hard not to wanna wake up, blaze up,
play music, ball and repeat

bouncer goes "can i see your card again (cardigan)"
and i'm like "course dude it was a gift from a friend"
he's like "i'm talkin bout your i.d. not your sweater man,
you look pretty young like eleven and ten"
so i fart and dip
head back to the crib
leave him in my flatulence
blast satchel (grande)
light a fat bowl
jot hot rhymes like 'tabasco'
but don't fast forward
cause if my raps sold
more machine'd be gettin that cash flow
like an asshole
i wanna stack gold
and get deeep c to be a household
in time, for now we wanna pack shows
cause i don't wanna grow up too fast ya know?
just hopin that time will pass slow
and while you snatch souls
i cash flows


obvious that i was being played the whole time
bitch you tryna steal a soul
but you can't have mine