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yo yo what up?
hey girl whats up?
you're pretty cool like mike and chuck
to be blunt
we're rollin up
deeep c and the machine
so you know what's up
so think happy thoughts
like you're sippin on a bottle of patronus
cornelius fudge with us
get buck
and eat cocoa puffs and organic
first thing in the morning
nah really
figurin out what type of products
these reactants are forming
yawnin noddin off thinkin bout
how i'd rather be on stage performing
but i'm only nineteen
optimizing my prime

so solo like han
when i order a cup
of obi-wan ton soup
a table for one
like steven glansberg
while i eat my food
lookin out for a real chick
in and out
gotta be a natural beaut
can take it and dish it
funny too and probably
pose for karmaloop
but at the moment dude
i feel obligated to get my college degree
cause knowledge is key
in a land that stands behind a wall of deceit
anne frank-ly, i wish i was a renegade
rage against the machine
but it's hard not to wanna wake up, blaze up,
play music, ball and repeat

bouncer goes "can i see your card again (cardigan)"
and i'm like "course dude it was a gift from a friend"
he's like "i'm talkin bout your i.d. not your sweater man,
you look pretty young like eleven and ten"
so i fart and dip
head back to the crib
leave him in my flatulence
blast satchel (grande)
light a fat bowl
jot hot rhymes like 'tabasco'
but don't fast forward
cause if my raps sold
more machine'd be gettin that cash flow
like an asshole
i wanna stack gold
and get deeep c to be a household
in time, for now we wanna pack shows
cause i don't wanna grow up too fast ya know?
just hopin that time will pass slow
and while you snatch souls
i cash flows


obvious that i was being played the whole time
bitch you tryna steal a soul
but you can't have mine


from ze snake and ze fox, released February 19, 2013



all rights reserved


... more machine now than man, Nebraska

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